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It's easy to express your selfie when you've got the perfect shades. Quay’s trendy sunglasses come in a wide range of styles for all face shapes and fashion statements, so there's no need to settle for just one pair. Today, we’ll break down the iciest sunnies that enhance your face and your fit. Let's run through the staple sunglasses shapes and see how they can be tailored to your vibe.


Developed for pilots and popular in the ‘70s, the aviator never goes out of style. You'll recognise this retro shape by its definitive brow bar and inverted teardrop lenses. It'll give whatever you're wearing a throwback touch, especially if you’re all about that HIGH KEY life. The black fades are the OG bestselling pair and the luxe metal frame is gorg, plus HIGH KEY comes in different styles. Feeling extra? Get edgy with a shield or navigator pair, then throw on vintage T’s and 501s or your go-to streetwear for the perfect retro-mod vibe. 


We’re suckers for cat eyes and we aren’t sorry. These retro cool sunglasses were popular in the '60s and they remain universally flattering today. Their signature feline flick adds a distinguished pop to your look, equal parts hipster and hell yes. Pair your purr-fect cat eyes with pearls and a little black dress for understated elegance or embrace simplicity with a neutral colour palette up top and timeless denim below. Keep your winged cat eye snatched in NOOSA with a bold injection frame or COME THRU and show out in these fan fave sunnies.


Haters, be gone. Block out the noise with shields. Instead of the standard lens-and-bridge deal, these sunnies wrap around your face for full panoramic vision (in 4K, not just HD). Shields are loud and tend to suit your inner boss lady, especially when paired with your fave puffer or athleisure. A little sporty, with no reason to say sorry—that’s the shield vibe. Make an entrance with a shield styled the way you want it. For a classic shield look, pop on HINDSIGHT for sport and spice and everything nice, oversized and savage. 


Few shapes highlight your angles like square sunglasses. This style is straight-up universal—ideal for quick errands when you’d rather be undercover and even better when you want to be seen. Want to go big? Opt for AFTER HOURS and blow a kiss to your Quay-approved reflection. For slightly scaled-down sunnies, HARDWIRE your day with a classic injection frame that makes WFH an occasion. Bonus: HARDWIRE is a pair of polarised sunglasses that helps reduce glare, from poolside outing to desert road trips. Seems like a pretty bright idea, agreed?


Circle sunglasses are Quay to the festival-ready aesthetic we’ve always dug. Their shape is iconic and timeless, as common on 60s’ icons as they are on TikTok celebs. For a more modern mood, grab FARRAH, a frameless happy medium with metal studs. For a sleeker look drenched in flower child vibes, spring for JEZABELL, a slightly oversized take on the round. 
Browse through Quay's iconic sunglasses collection for a sleek pair of shades that feel just right. To see if you've got the perfect fit, play around with our Virtual Try-On Tool!

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How to Clean & Take Care of Your Glasses

Now that you’re fresh af, let’s keep things clean. The next step after choosing your pair of Quays is all about care and keeping them A1 from Day 1. Scratches, scuffs, broken arms­—thanks, but no. We’ll show you how to up the lifespan of your sunnies and blue light glasses, from proper wiping techniques to protective measures and more. Ultimately, the Quay to preserving your high-quality sunnies just boils down to the proper tools and methods­… and fighting the urge to use your top as a lens wipe, no matter how sheer or petal-soft it may be.

How to Clean Glasses

Cleaning your specs should be easy, right? Most definitely—with the right technique. It doesn’t require a ton of effort, just a bit of mindfulness and a brief snapshot of what not to do in order to avoid knicks or warped lenses.

Let's start by repeating the biggest no-no: using your clothing (or a tissue, for that matter) as a lens cleaner. It’s tempting, yes, and the only available option if you aren’t prepared. But the wrong fabric just swishes oils around, exaggerating smears or—even worse—debris bits that scratch your brand new Quays. We also advise against using household cleaners that aren’t designated for glasses, as they can damage your specs. 

Just keep it short and simple with some rub-a-dub essentials: mild soap and water. You can have immaculately clean lenses in four easy steps: 

  1. Run a stream of warm water down your glasses. The keyword here is warm since scalding water can damage your lenses.
  2. Add a drop of soap to each side of the lenses, then gently rub it all over your frames. This will help you coat the hard-to-reach spots, such as nose pads, which can become a trap for skin oils.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the soap off your specs.
  4. Gently dry your glasses with a microfiber cloth. It’s that easy!

When you’re out and about, the best tools for cleaning your Quays are a microfiber cloth and lens cleaner. Quay's Tri Fold Cleaning Kit contains the basics for easy grab + go maintenance: a microfiber cloth, mini screwdriver, cleaning spray, and hardshell glasses case. From there, keeping your lenses tidy and protect will become second nature. Simply spray your lenses on the front and back with the cleanser, wipe away the dirt and grease with the microfiber cloth, and keep your Quays case-side when they aren’t in use. 

How to Keep Your Quays on the Chains

Glasses chains work double duty. They keep your glasses within arm’s reach, plus they enhance your fit. Quay's trend-setting chains come with detachable custom grips and clasps that easily hold your glasses in place. This way, you’ll avoiding misplacing your Quays or losing them to fierce winds on that staff boat outing. With styles for every face shape and fashion statement, chains will keep your specs on hand (and on deck) at all times. 

Wait, did we say double duty? Make that triple duty. If you’re giving your Quays a break from the chain, put it to use as a mask holder or an accessory by looping it around your neck or wrist. Our chains come in different colours and prints, from metallic to animal print. Here’s an even better idea: keep two chains (or should we say 2 Chainz?) with you at all times.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Case

Chains or not, the right cases + organizers are non-negotiables. They keep your Quay sunnies and blue light specs safe, pristine, and protected. Although Quay shades include free cases, we created a variety of other options to elevate your steez. They’re easy to forget but crucial for lens care, especially if you’re wondering how to prevent scratches on your glasses or avoid crushing your Quays when you’re playing hard (and hardly working). 

A quick tip: place your lenses flush against the case, which feature a luxe velvet lining for scratch-free sunnies. The case also comes in a trifold option, with a collapsible outer shell to keep your precious Quays in mint condition. Got multiple sunnies for every month of summer? No problem. Grab a two-piece or four-piece fold-up case to securely store your Quays and choose a pattern or colour that fits your mood all day, every day. Take the time to shop Quay's cases and chains and keep your sunnies intact and on point—then get out there and do you.

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Extra cool. Extra fine. Extra luxe. It’s all about the detailsYOU’RE IN LUXE.

Introducing the luxe collection of sunnies made from extra-fine materials + dressed up in extra-good features. Premium frames, luxe details, polarized lenses for just $120.

Quay designers

Go behind our new collection with product designers Colleen + Adesha.

The design process starts by identifying key runway looks. Then, our in-house designers break down those trends, make mood boards, and sketch to ensure each frame is thoughtfully created with our squad (and quality) in mind.

Our Product Team went straight up premium developing each style’s construction + components when designing the Luxe Collection. They incorporated the most high-end acetates, lenses, and hardware for that head-turning look + feel.


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education is quay scholarship



We believe that knowledge is power (and EDUCATION IS QUAY). To go along with our QUAY X SAWEETIE collection, we're awarding $100,000 USD in scholarships to help fuel the dreams of ten winners. Read below for more details, or enter here: https://www.myscholarship.app/quayscholarships



  • Must be located in the US, District of Columbia, Australia, New Zealand 
  • Must be at least 16 years old at the time of application  
  • Applicant's educational goals have a clearly defined purpose + mission, plus a specific use for the funds as explained in your application  
  • Applicants must attend or plan to attend a two-year or four-year college, university or vocational/technical school


  • April 14th Scholarship open for applications
  • June 9th Scholarship application period ends 
  • July 1st  Semi-finalists are notified + given their video prompt 
  • July 15th Final due date for video entries 
  • August 2nd Recipients are notified + announced  



  • First-round written submissions are reviewed + semi-finalists will be invited to a second round, where they will create a one-minute video submission. The Quay team will review the group of finalists from the second round to select final winners.  
  • Ten (10) winners will each receive $10,000 USD for a total of $100,000 USD in scholarships. All fifty (50) semi-finalists will also receive merchandise gift cards, redeemable for one (1) pair of sunnies or blue light glasses ($85 value).



Semi-finalists Answers will be evaluated in the following proportions: use of funds (20%), writing ability (20%), creativity (20%), originality (20%), and overall excellence (20%).

Finalists Answers will be evaluated in the following proportions: answers video prompt question (25%), creativity (25%), originality (25%), and overall excellence (25%)



  • Full name  
  • Email  
  • Phone number 
  • Physical address, including country 
  • Anticipated high school graduation date 
  • Birth date  
  • Annual household income 
  • Ethnicity  
  • Essay 1 (250 words or less): What are your educational goals, and how would you use this scholarship to support those goals?  
  • Essay 2 (250 words or less): Self-expression is a core value at Quay. What does self-expression mean to you? 


Ready to fuel your dreams? Enter here.


Have more questions? Contact quayscholarship@educationdynamics.com

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Add something extra to your frame with new jewellery. Even more 14k gold plated pieces meant to be mixed, matched, and fully stacked. Necklaces, charms, and earrings are starting at $35.

Go behind the drip with product designers Colleen + Adesha.

jewellery design moodboard


The design process starts by identifying key runway looks. Then, our designers break down those trends, make mood boards, and sketch to ensure each piece is thoughtfully designed with our squad (and quality) in mind.


Each piece is designed to layer on the drip, adding something extra to our squad’s snapshot style. When people are spending more time seeing each other from the waist up, we wanted people to express their selfies with glasses and jewellery—real pants not required.



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