Yeah, it’s fun to spend hours shopping online, binge watching your favourite shows and scrolling through Insta, but have you ever thought about how you can protect your precious peepers?

Quay blue light lenses act as a barrier between your eyes and the potentially harmful (blue) HEV light that comes from computer screens, TVs and our phones. Wearing these stylish specs helps to prevent the blurry vision, headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms that come with digital eye strain, making it easier to spend more time working on your side hustle, updating the ‘gram or simply vegging out in front of the TV. Making it easier than ever to look and feel great, Quay blue light lenses are available in some seriously fab frames, from aviators to classic round eye looks, with options available for both guys and gals.

Whether you’re vibing a pair of funky retro-style frames, leaning towards some timeless round specs or are feeling a major fashion moment, our blue light eyewear provides the perfect balance between killer style and functionality.