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Why You Should Wear Blue Light Glasses

We’re into looking good and feeling good, so that’s why we practice safe specs to protect ourselves from blue light. Quay’s Blue Light glasses help you slay in the style department and keep your eyes in check. But what’s the big deal with blue light anyway? Below, we’ll give you the rundown on how blue light can affect your eyes, when you should pop on computer glasses, and what fresh eyewear designs we offer. 

What is blue light?  

Blue light is the part of the visible light spectrum with the shortest wavelength and highest energy. It naturally occurs in sunlight, but we’re increasingly exposed to it through our fave tech gadgets. Electronics, such as phones and computers we use on the daily, give off blue light. As we’re exposed to more blue light, there have been serious concerns over its impact on our eye health, as it potentially causes eye strain, headaches, and blurry vision. Overexposure to blue light can even cause vision loss over time.  

When should I wear blue light glasses? 

Computer glasses can prevent symptoms of prolonged blue light exposure. This new development in eyewear technology filters out the blues and comes in handy during extensive screen time. To prevent eye strain, many babes put on blue light glasses when using their computers and phones. 

If you get a pair of blue light glasses for your daily grind, pack it along with your vacay essentials. Blue light glasses can also help with adjusting to jet lag when traveling to your fave destinations. Shielding your eyes from sun-strength rays can allow you to pre-adjust to a different time zone. 

What kind of styles are there? 

Practicing safe specs doesn’t need to be a drag. Quay’s Blue Light collection offers sleek styles that help you look like a boss babe while blocking high energy visible light. Each pair of computer glasses features blue light blocking lenses to keep your vision in the clear. The frames in the line take direct inspo from our fan fave sunnies such as HARDWIRE and ALL NIGHTER. Whether you’re vibin’ with pointy cat eye or classic square shapes, we got you covered. You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of colors as well as between luxe metal and vibrant plastic frames. 

No 20/20 vision? No problem. The frames from the Blue Light line are also Rx-able, so you can bring them into your optometrist to pop in the right prescription. 

The next time you work hard on your computer or scroll through the ‘gram, wear Quay’s blue light blockers to protect your eyes in style. 




****AUTHORS NOTE: Pronunciation is \key\

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