Hold Your Horses: Sunglasses For This Spring Racing Season

Whether it’s Melbourne Cup Day, Moët & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day, a super chill regional race meet or a get together with the guys or gals, when it comes to choosing the right pair frames for your spring racing outfit, there are a few important things for you to think about:
What vibe will the event have?
Depending on where you’re set to celebrate the spring racing season and who with, the vibe of the event you’re heading to can vary a lot. If you’re planning to head to Flemington for all the glitz and glamour of Melbourne Cup day, you might want to consider some OTT shades that’ll have you standing out from the crowd, but if you’re set to party somewhere that’s a more low-key, something a little more subtle might just be the ticket.
What are you wearing?
Just like any other accessory, you defs have to consider whether your sunnies will go with the outfit you’re planning. Have a think about the colours you’ll be wearing and the style of your outfit, and if the sunnies you’re looking at will leave you looking super effortless or like you just picked up the first pair you could find.
A retro look might look a little weird with mirrored shield sunnies, while a super modern dress probably wouldn’t work with some classic cateye sunglasses. Go for frames that’ll work with the colour of your dress or suit, and remember, if in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a sleek metallic.
What look are you going for?
So you’ve got the vibe of your event downpat and have your suit or dress for the races at the ready, but what look are you going for? Do you want to be a little mysterious behind mirrored shades, super cute with heart-shaped sunnies, or would you rather everyone catch a glimpse of your extra AF frames? Knowing what kind of look you’re going for makes it easier to pick the perfect frame shape, lens finish and colour for your outfit.
Will you be outside for long?
As well as looking super fly, slipping on a pair of sunnies on race day is a fantastic way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Yeah, we know we sound like your mum, but if you’re spending hours out in the sun, it’s an easy way to look after precious peepers.
Which sunnies will lift your spring racing fashion game?
With a super fierce cateye shape and three fab colourways, our Hearsay sunnies are the perfect way to add a pop of colour and some girly vibes to your outfit. Available in red and purple, blue, and tortoiseshell, these sunnies would look incredible with fresh spring florals, simple white dresses and outfits with a touch of retro glamour.
Featuring super sleek metallics and sweet candy colours, The Playa is an elevated take on classic aviator shades. With low-key options and fresh metallics to go with any outfit, these sunnies are a great go-to option. Keep things simple with gold and pink or gold and brown, or add some colour to your look with the rose gold and pink or black and pink colourways.
A little retro, a touch futuristic and 100% effortlessly cool, our Come Around sunnies look great dressed up to the nines or styled with a more casual look. Add a touch of pizazz to your outfit with purple or brown tortoiseshell or go for classic black if you’re after frames that’ll go with everything.
Combining modern frameless lenses with the ever popular cateye shape, Lady Luck adds some much needed drama to any outfit. Available in both reflective gold and smokey black, there’s an option for almost every look. Go for a fresh take on classic black sunnies or spice things up with lit gold shades.
Add a touch of classic style to your look with our Standing Shades. Made with lightweight materials, these sunnies will feel comfortable throughout the day, while their polarised lenses will keep your eyes protected. Available in black, gunmetal and gold, there’s a pair on offer to match your race day threads, whether you’re dressing up or going a little more casual.
A little different, but still incredibly cool, our All Over frames are an easy way to some sleek street style to your fresh race day getup. Keep things on the down low with plain black frames or add a little colour with our sweet red colourway.
Not sure of which pair to go with?
We all know that pulling together a Insta-worthy outfit takes hard work, so if you’d like to know how you’d look in our sunnies before you buy, check out our Virtual Try-On. Removing the hassle of post office returns and the disappointment of buying shades that don’t quite work with your face shape, it’s a great way to try before you buy when you don’t have a stockist nearby.

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